5 Content Marketing Mistakes that Could Hurt your SEO

Content Marketing

Content marketing is undoubtedly the smartest investment you can make in your business. A well-planned content marketing strategy can increase the online reputation of your website or business. So, if you publish high-quality posts that answer questions and give solutions to your readers’ problems, you can rest assured that your efforts will succeed. Good content is an extremely effective promotional tool, but it is also a fact that it won’t work on its own. Once you write and publish a good post, it is not enough. However, you also have to depend on different strategies that will boost the visibility of your content through search engines and social media websites.

On the other hand, a poorly executed content marketing campaign will have a counter-effect. Instead of attracting more visitors to your site and generating sales, it can completely ruin your online reputation. Therefore, you must be aware of the common mistakes that could hurt your SEO. It will not only help you to learn from the mistakes of other content developers but also allow you to fix your misses. Here are 5 content marketing mistakes that could hurt your SEO.

Fail To Engage Your Audience:

Your audience should be the center of your attention. If you fail to engage them, it will defeat the major purpose of your content marketing in the first place. However, this could manifest itself in numerous ways. For instance, you could just be focusing too much on the keyword optimization element of SEO-friendly content. Additionally, you might be not connecting enough with your audience enough. 

As good content can stimulate an audience, readers expect the authors to “speak to them” directly. So, it is your responsibility to make them feel special. Hosting promos or contests is one of the best ways to incentivize your readers to become your loyal followers.  

Ignore SEO:

SEO is possibly the most important part of the content marketing strategy. So, if you ignore it, this is your huge mistake. Always keep in mind the major goal of your content marketing, which is; that you need to attract as many readers as possible and then turn the website visitors into sales. However, turning visitors into valuable customers depends on the quality of your website content. 

On the other hand, the part of clicking relies on SEO. Don’t forget that SEO brings valuable traffic to your website. Therefore, you need to make your content as detectable as possible. Moreover, optimizing content for SEO doesn’t mean that you are neglecting the preferences of your readers.

Ignoring the Needs of Your Customers:

Good content marketing helps you to build trust with your audience. So much trust that might turn into paying customers. However, this isn’t easy to do, especially if your entire blog is written from the POV of your company without considering the unique plans of your readers. One common mistake we include in this list of 5 content marketing mistakes that could hurt your SEO.

For Instance, if your blog is just a place to deliver the latest news about your company, product features or updates, this will completely miss the point of content marketing, even if the content is technically related to your business, product or service. Therefore, you should always look for a way or make your content more about your readers. 

Over Advertise Your Brand:

Online marketers seem to think that their responsibility is over once they provide all features and specs of the product. However, the truth is, that’s rarely the case. Generally, people don’t want to about what they can do for you. 

They want you to point out what you can do for them. So, if you have subscribed to this full of mistakes marketing strategy until now, it is time to re-frame your strategy. Find out what currently interests your audience. Tap to their emotions and the trends they follow and pay full attention to the influencers in their network.

Bad Back Linking Strategy:

There is no doubt about it that Backlinks are as important as keywords. However, some marketers go overboard with the back-linking technique. The common thinking of marketers is that the great numbers of links will get their pages higher on search engine rankings. 

Of course, it is not true. Good links will boost the trustworthiness of your website. Hence, if your pages get links from unreliable, spam websites heavy on ads, it will ruin all your back linking strategies. Therefore, always make sure to get your links from authoritative sites.


Digital marketing is what you make of it. Execute your content marketing strategy and it will make or break your efforts. Avoiding these 5 marketing mistakes that could hurt your SEO can help ensure your content effectively converts and yields major ROI for your business.

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