Top five export and import sources of India

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Everyone knows that India is a country that excels in products and services. India could be the number one exporting and importing country in the world, but there’s a lack of information regarding specific products and brands.

Getting information on your favourite items can be difficult now. Brand, product name, and market information are all available with all of India’s top ten major export and import sources at your fingertips. 

Use this easy-to-navigate guide to find India’s top ten export and import sources, get detailed company profiles, reviews, and locations for each brand – even create an account to save your favourites!

What does India export?

The following are some of the lists of products exported from India. Petroleum products, mineral fuels including oil, gems, precious metals, machinery including computers, organic products, and pharmaceutical products

What India Imports?

There are several list of products imported from India. Crude petroleum, gold, pearls, precious stones, petrochemical products, telecommunications instruments and equipment such as cell phones and radios, industrial machinery from factories to power plants to medical devices

Top five export and import sources of India

The value of India’s export increased in April-November 2019 to around 356 billion dollars, and the largest destination for the export was the USA. India’s biggest import source is China. India accounts for 15.88% of Chinese exports, which makes China the top partner of India from that perspective.

In the last few years, India’s national income has risen significantly, with the country earning fifth place as of October 2018. By 2020, India wants to double its exports from $465.9 billion in 2013-14.

This article is based on the export and import partner countries of India. These countries are used for various competitive exams that give opportunities for a wide range of international students to come study in India. 

This article is based on the export and import partner countries of India. These countries are used for various competitive exams that give opportunities for a wide range of international students to come study in India. 

Many small businesses struggle to find and stay connected to India’s top export and import sources. Some of the top lists of products exported from India are more accessible than others. Easily search for your supplier and get in touch with them without any hassle:

These are India’s top five export commodities:

  • Engineering goods -Stocks and other industrial machinery, automobiles and their parts, products made from metal, and computers. India’s engineering goods exports reached $9 billion for the first time in July and identified a backup in the following two months. Demand from traditional markets such as the U.S., UAE, and China drove the sales surge in April-September 2021. Earnings reached $52.3 billion during that time.
  • Petroleum products- This is an example of how different countries use different fuels for their energy needs. India continues to use diesel, gasoline, LPG, and oil as its main fuel sources. As of 2018, the country ranks among the world’s top five exporters of refined petroleum, catering largely to markets like the U.S., UAE, China, and Singapore. India is also the second largest refiner in Asia after China. In 2020-21, many companies-imposed lockdowns and mobility restrictions due to the rise of cockroach technology, and India’s fair share of petroleum products exports plummeted by 37.3%.
  • Gems and jewelry- To know the options for finding the right piece to suit your preference, you’ll need to consider anything from rough and unselectable stones like diamonds and colored gemstones to polished and more selectable pieces like pearls, non-gold jewelry & synthetic stones. India is the fifth largest exporter of gems and jewelry, with a 5.8 percent share in global exports. India exports over 100,000 tonnes of gold to over 190 nations worldwide, making it one of the most important countries for gold trade in Asia.
  • Organic and inorganic chemicals- Organic chemicals are substances with carbon molecules in their molecular structure and have numerous uses. Some are used in pharmaceuticals & medical devices, while others are used to make plastics. Indian exports of organic and inorganic chemicals include acetic acid, acetone, phenol, and citric acid, among others. India exports some inorganic chemicals such as soda ash, liquid chlorine, caustic soda, red phosphorus, and calcium carbide. India is a key customer of the U.S., China, Brazil, Germany, and UAE
  • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals- With many raw material resources and skilled employees, India is a major global supplier of generic medical drugs. At least 40% of prescription drugs sold in the U.S. are based on Indian generics. India’s pharmaceutical industry shows resilience amidst economic turmoil, which is great news for the country and its health care. A growth of 18% is projected for this year, and the future looks bright too.

Top 5 Import sources of India:

CountryExport value US$ BillionPercentage Share
China PRP70.3213.68
United Arab Emirates29.785.79
Saudi Arab28.485.54

In 2019, the Chinese exported 74.72 billion dollars worth of goods to India, while Indian exported only $17.95 billion in the same year. This leads to a negative trade deficit with China of 56.77 billion dollars.

Final Thoughts

India is still heavily dependent on primary commodities and export growth. Their overly-reliance on raw materials without the process of manufacturing them poses many risks and may hinder their long-term growth. India would benefit from diversifying its export basket by including more goods not prone to price effects. This can help to boost Asia’s third-largest economy, according to economists who say too much of India’s production is a commodity. Focused if you are looking for a merchant exporter in India, head over to Kunal International India. They will be ready to help you with all you need. Thanks for reading!

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